Mando has set forth legal and ethical compliance as the foremost management principle and operates a compliance management process
to execute businesses according to laws in each country. In addition, Mando promotes fair and transparent businesses, enacting and
enforcing the compliance control standards to seek the sound development of the company and build the trust of customers.

Compliance Risk Management

Mando enforces compliance monitoring activities at all times, such as preliminary review of legal violations when making decisions and
signing of project contracts, to minimize the risk of violating laws at business sites in Korea and overseas. Mando also implements
security diagnosis of the IT system to comply with existing laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and Information and
Communication Network Act, and inspects the level of personal information security level of the HR information system.
Moreover, Mando conducts compliance training for employees in the fields of personal information,
intellectual property rights, and anti-corruption to improve compliance awareness.

Compliance Inspection Activities

Mando appoints compliance officers based on related regulations, such as Article 542-13 of the Commercial Act, to execute regular
and non-regular compliance inspection activities at business sites in Korea and overseas. Based on the inspection results,
Mando engages in effective compliance inspection activities by reflecting improvement points. Compliance officers carry out
compliance inspection activities such as revising regulations (compliance control standards), checking and improving the contents
and delivery method of technical data requests, and enacting agreements with interested parties.

Unfair Trade Report Channel

Mando operates online inspection office to receive reports on unfair trading and violation of the Code of Ethics and Ethical Action Guide
by employees and stakeholders. Mando guarantees anonymity of reports and strictly prohibit any disadvantage or discrimination
so that the informant of unfair conduct is not subjected to any disadvantages. Mando also runs an online report channel on the website
allowing various stakeholders other than employees to report unfair trading acts.