Mando empowers its employees and creates a sound labor-management culture by running diverse empowerment training
and communication programs. In addition, Mando offers welfare benefits to employees for a happy working environment,
allowing employees to manage stable lives.

Employee Empowerment
The Halla Human Resource Institute strives to foster employees with a vision that the Halla Group and Mando become an
‘Active Learning Experience Coordinator for Growth.’ The Halla Human Resource Institute supports diverse training and learning
activities, such as training on values and culture, basic training, core human resource training, and job training,
to help employees internalize the Halla spirit and grow into experts who pursue excellence for sustainable growth.


Mando endeavors to help employees work in a healthy organizational environment. Mando intends to engage in
practical improvement activities by adding involvement of leaders to the existing method of autonomous operation
centered on VB(Value Board)·OC(Open Communication). Furthermore, Mando plans to support employees to work
in a healthier environment by reinforcing the roles of the HR Department with regard to organizational issues.

  • Value Board : Mando runs the VB to deliver creative ideas of young and competent individuals to
    the management and reflect such ideas in organizational operations.
  • Open Committee : Mando implements company-wide OC activities to create a corporate culture of innovation
    and growth, allowing employees to find and propose tasks for changes.

Creation of
a Happy

Mando offers a flexible working environment in order that members can maintain a stable work-life balance.
Mando allows employees to work flexibly by selecting the time they start and end work according to their own job
characteristics. Mando has a guaranteed minimum rest system that allows employees who leave work
after 21:00 to come to work after at least 12 hours.
In principle, Mando avoids working after 22:00. Moreover, Mando helps employees to maintain work-life balance
through half-day and annual leaves, long weekends, and summer vacations. Instead of limiting the workplace
to the office, Mando also allows employees to work in other places, including home, where they can concentrate better.

  • Free working hours
  • Diverse vacation systems
    like half-day leave and
    summer vacation
  • Guaranteed minimum
    rest system
  • Efficient working
    (Working from home, etc.)
  • Health care

    Regular health
  • Residential support

    Living allowances
  • Home and childcare

    Daycare center
    Support with
    children’s schooling
    expenses Flexible
    work system
  • Hobbies·leisure

  • Others

    Rewards for