Safety and Health Management

Safety Management Activities


Prevention of
serious accidents

  • Operation of the High-risk Work Council
  • Reinforcement of facilities for prevention of jamming and forklift accidents and strengthening of training

Settlement of
afety culture

  • Participatory risk assessment and identification and improvement of near misses
  • Sharing of safety and health information via newsletters and campaigns
Ratio of business sites
implementing risk

All business sites 100%


Health promotion

  • Support for treatment of musculoskeletal diseases as well as counseling and checkup for adult diseases
  • Activities for reduction of noise generated at processing lines and optimization of air conditioning and heating
  • Counseling to address job stress and depression
Ratio of business sites
operating labor-manage
-ment joint safety and
health committee

All business sites 100%


Support for safety
management of partners

  • Operation of Safety and Health Council for partners and joint safety and health inspections
  • Activities to support safety and health technologies used by partners
Operation of the
Safety Patrol System
Mando operates a daily patrol system to prevent safety accidents and establish a safety culture
within the entire organization.
The safety patrol system has an autonomous patrol group patrol the site during the vulnerable hours
of 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM to remove risk factors at the right time. Each business site was able to reinforce
the safety of employees by increasing the number of potential safety risk factors discovered
after implementing the patrol system.
Evaluation of Safety
and Hygiene Risk
Mando implements risk assessment at each business site by building a global safety and health
management system and operating company-wide management indicators. Mando also strives
to create an advanced safety culture by conducting training on safety compliances and accident
response methods and empowering the safety and health capabilities of all employees.
Joint Safety and Health
Mando listens to employees’ opinions and runs a labor-management joint safety and
health committee in each sector (brake, steering, suspension) to manage the safety and health of
employees and prevent safety accidents.
Safety Training
Mando conducts training to help employees imbibe safety culture focused on safety knowledge and
experiential activities, and thereby become aware of safety and pay attention. Persons supervising
compulsory safety training as well as each department perform company-wide TPM3) activities
before starting work. The director of OP Center conducts highly effective on-site safety inspections
so that safety culture becomes a part of the organization.
Employee Health Care
Mando executes annual health checkups for all employees to create a healthy workplace.
High-risk groups are managed through intense observation and professional counseling.
Mando monitors basic data like blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol of high-risk employees
with hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, and offers professional counseling. Mando also
improves the working environment to prevent musculoskeletal diseases, supports persons
with basic diseases in following personalized exercise programs to improve muscular strength and
flexibility, and reassigns duties if necessary.
Safety Management
for Partners
Mando organized a council with partners stationed at its business sites. The council hosts
regular meetings and conducts joint walk-around inspections at the business sites.
Mando promotes mutual growth by improving safety control in various sectors, such as safety devices
for vehicle transport, safety protective equipment, prevention of safety accidents,
COVID-19 response, and prevention of fire.