Mutual Growth

Mando and its partners are practicing beautiful companionships for a better future and spreading this to the wider world to achieve continuous mutual growth.

Three Themes of Mutual Growth


Promotion of Quality Mindset
Innovative Quality School
MQ Certification System
Forming trust relations
Operation of Mando Union
Listening and
Solving Difficulties
Strengthening of
Global Competitiveness
Support for Joint Expansion
Mando-style Strong Company
Fostering Program

Forming trust relations

만도 협력사 임직원들과 강의실에서 회의하는 모습
Operation of Mando Union
Mando operates a union to form smooth transaction relations with its partners and to promote mutual profits. A solid relationship of trust is created through various exchange events held throughout the year such as Partner’s Day, benchmarking excellent companies, and organizing regional meetings.
성일모 주식회사 만도 CEO가 협력사를 방문하여 협력사 작업현장을 협력사 임직원들과 둘러보고 있는 모습
Listening and Solving Difficulties
Mando receives information every year on the difficulties partners face while performing their work and tries to solve situations by discussing them with related departments. In addition, Mando regularly visits its partners to promote mutual growth activities as well as strengthen communication with its partners by listening to the difficulties of partners and passing the information along internally.

Promotion of Quality Mindset

만도품질혁신 학교에서 만도 협력사 직원들이 품질기법, 제조현장 낭비제거, 품질 마인드 교육을 받고 있는 모습
Innovative Quality School
Mando continually operates an innovative quality school to spread a culture of quality to its partners and to foster core talents at its partners. Mando is helping its partners to advance to the global level by developing and providing specialized training courses on, for example, quality techniques, eliminating waste at manufacturing sites, and acquiring a quality mindset.
만도 협력사 직원들이 품질관리를 하고 있는 모습
MQ Certification System
Mando is interested not only in its primary partners, but also in secondary and tertiary partners. The MQ certification, a quality system certification for secondary and tertiary partners, is adopted and operated to eliminate the risk of quality blind spots of secondary and tertiary partners in advance.

Strengthening of Global Competitiveness

만도 협력사들의 품질 문화를 지도에서 전세계로 확산 시키는 모습
Support for Joint Expansion
Mando provides opportunities for its Korean partners that have quality and cost advantages to expand overseas together in order to produce better products than advanced manufacturers on the global market. For partners that have expanded overseas, Mando provides support from the review stage to the mass-production stage.
만도 협력사들을 강소기업으로 육성하기 위하여 만도 임원 및 협력사 임원들이 회의를 하고 있는 모습
Mando-style Strong Company Fostering Program
Mando selects outstanding partners and develops competitive parts with them to create hidden champions which can proudly take on the global market. It supports skills in each field, such as design, production and quality, and human resources and participates in obtaining orders, and has obtained direct success.