History of Quality Management

Quality, the Best Value
The global company Mando, which is leading technical innovation based on the Halla spirits of enterprising efforts, creative improvement, and communal mind, is devoting all its strength to ceaseless improvement in order to realize its value of “quality brand” with “strong quality management” based on its vision of “No Quality, No Mando” (you will lose everything if you lose quality)and the five principles of quality.
· Obtained Excellence
6-Star from EFQM
· Received R&D Quality
Award for automobiles
· Mando Corporation Poland (MCP) received the Polish
Quality Award
· Received a Grand Prize of the
Partner Quality Award from GM
· Obtained ISO26262 certification
for the chassis system (ESC, EPS),
which was a first in Korea
· Received the Supplier of the Year Award from Fiat-Chrysler
· Established a quality
inspection team
· Established an overseas
quality center
· Selected as the best supplier
by Chrysler
· Received Quality 5-Star
Certification from Hyundai-Kia
Motors Corporation (HKMC)
2007 - 2008
· Established a quality
· Established an advanced
quality team for electronics
· Established global product development process
2005 - 2006
· Obtained CMMI certification for
the first time in the automotive parts
· Received the Ford Q1 Award
(Steering Division)
· Opened GQCS
2001 - 2004
· Consulted on streamlining
manufacturing sites
· Obtained ISO/TS 16949
· Introduced 6 Sigma