Understanding Integrity Management

Integrity management is the Halla Group’s pride as well as founding spirit
Integrity management is fulfilling the corporation’s social responsibilities and duties to interested parties by being honest with customers, making an effort to maximize the rights and interests of shareholders, pursuing coexistence and co-prosperity through fair transactions with business partners and providing the fruits of success and happiness to employees, beyond the fundamental responsibilities of a corporation for continuing business, which are profit creation and compliance with the laws and regulations of the nation.

“I pride myself in being a businessman who hasn’t done a single thing I am ashamed of while operating the company until now.”

“What made Halla grow was solely because of the Hallaian’s will, creativity, strenuous efforts and honesty.”

“I wanted to tell the youth who would lead the future of this country about the valuableness of hopes and dreams, the will to overcome failure and the conviction of proper accomplishments.”

- Excerpts from the autobiography of the late Honorary
Chairman Woon Gok Chung In-yung -

고 정인영 명예회장 모습
Not doing things you’re not supposed to, and everybody sharing accurate information
A company that competes in a fair and square, transparent manner, and has strong competitiveness based on trust Integrity is always doing the right thing even if no one is watching. Employees should be proud of being a Hallaian and always perform jobs properly and fairly, comply with logical standards and processes, and honorably disclose the process and results through transparent work performance with faithfulness, loyalty, and honesty.

“That is the grace and freedom of integrity management. I like that. Achievements should be made only with the heart, mind and spirit. Collusion, fraud, and achievements made at the expense of others are consequently self-deception. If you say this is success, you’re a hypocrite.”

“Integrity management, which I have guarded as my lifetime belief, is an asset I cannot throw away, and it will continue forever as the spirit of Halla and Hallaians. I was certain of this when I saw the proud employees who felt infinite pride in the fact the Halla Group was the only group which was not summoned by the prosecution during the bribery scandal.”

- Excerpts from the autobiography of the late Honorary Chairman Woon Gok Chung In-yung -