Main Programs

A company that practices helping others and sharing love
Mando is a leader in making a healthy local community by helping others and sharing love.

Social Welfare

만도 직원 봉사단들이 겨울에 연탄봉사를 하고 단체사진 찍고 모습

Mando systematically and continuously supports our community’s minority groups by forming a volunteer corps for each business division and performing volunteer activities in order to create a warm world by sharing happiness and spreading love.

Beautiful Store, the loving blood donation movement, delivering briquettes with love, helping underprivileged students, giving scholarships, supporting information search competition for visually impaired people, supporting and sponsoring various local social welfare events, etc.

Volunteer Work

만도 직원들이 재해 현장에서 집안의 도배지를 새로 붙이는 모습

Mando dispatches volunteers to areas affected by various natural or manmade disasters and supports the restoration of the affected areas. It also collects donations from its employees and passes them on to the affected areas.

Taking care of underprivileged children, Mando’s dad for a day, house repair volunteer activities, helping underfed children, elderly people living alone, handicapped people, and children who are the head of their household, disaster restoration activities, etc.

Sisterhood Relations

만도 임직원이 자매결연을 한 창평 마을에서 마을 어르신들과 단체사진 찍는 모습

Through its One Company-One Village Sisterhood Program, Mando unites with villages with continuous exchanges such as publicizing the sisterhood village, directly selling the village’s agricultural products, helping out during busy farming seasons, etc.

Changpyeong Village in Iksan, Molhwa Village in Wonju, etc.

Environmental Conservation

만도 직원들이 하천에서 쓰레기봉투를 들고 하천 정화활동을 하고 있는 모습

Mando is leading nature purification activities for nearby mountain and streams with each division, and is actively participating in various nature protection campaigns conducted by the government to cultivate and conserve nature.

One company-one river revival movement, one company-one mountain saving movement, low carbon and green management agreement, trash collection activities, energy conservation campaign, groundwater contamination measurement, environmental conservation campaign (composition and drawing contests, etc.)