Electric Bicycles

외국인 남성이 만도에서 만든 전기자전거를 세워놓고 벤치에 앉아 쉬고 있는 모습
Steering System The future of transportation made with new thinking and advanced technology
Mando Footloose, a new e-mobility cycle, is an urban transportation mode that combines
innovative technology, human-orientated design, and new experiences. It does not have a chain
because its Series Hybrid System, which was mass-produced for the first time by Mando,
electrically controls the built-in motor 100%. In addition, various automobile technologies are
applied such as an Electric Control Unit (ECU) and Controller Area Network (CAN)
communications that are of an automotive standard, an alternator through which electricity is
self-generated, and an electric automatic transmission.
주식회사 만도의 전기자전거 풋루스 자전거를 펴놓은 모습과 접었을 때 모습
mandofootloose im
주식회사 만도의 전기자전거 풋루스 im 자전거를 세워 놓은 모습

Mando’s Footloose provides a new experience a cyclist has never experienced before. A convenient and enjoyable ride can be had with the ergonomically designed, stylish exterior, dual riding mode from which throttle and peddling can be selected, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) through which various kinds of information are provided.