Suspension System

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Suspension System Mando’s Leading Suspension Systems,
with Independently Developed High-Tech Parts
Mando has succeeded in independently developing high-performance valves for suspension systems such as HCD valves, SFD valves, and RS valves for the first time in Korea with advanced technology and the designers’ will to maximize passenger safety and convenience, and is continuing its reputation as a global automotive parts manufacturer by developing cutting-edge products for application in future intelligent automobiles.


Suspension Strut Shock Absorber
Damper Spring Module
Damper Spring Module
A module in which the top and bottom mounts of the struts connect the car body with the wheels.
The upper part of the shock absorber is connected to the car body, supports the weight
of the vehicle, and it is also acts as a link in controlling vehicle behavior.
Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber
A device installed between the car body and the wheels to absorb shocks caused by
shaking of the vehicle, improving ride comfort and stability.
전자제어 서스펜션
Electronic Control Suspension
A variable suspension system that adjusts the vibration absorption level so that it is soft
at low speed while hard at high speed, etc. so that ride comfort and cornering is controlled
depending on the speed and conditions of the vehicle.