Job Introduction

Talents creating new values, the powers leading Mando
This is an introduction to the many jobs inside Mando where the potential of individuals can be freely developed and exhibited.
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Management Support

Managing Support is in charge of mediating and providing support so that various management activities can be carried out properly to achieve the company’s vision and sustainability management. It is also in charge of establishing mid- to long-term business strategies and goals and managing finances to achieve those strategies and goals, as well as services to support all its employees so that they can work effectively in an optimum working atmosphere.

Detailed Job Introduction

Management Planning
Management Planning is in charge of establishing the vision and goals of the company, setting practical strategies to achieve the vision and goals, innovation, etc. It is also in charge of analyzing domestic and overseas economies, the automobile industry, etc. to predict the global business environment and forming mid- to long-term strategies.
In charge of analyzing and managing business performances, raising and managing finances, issuing audit reports, IR, etc. in order to maximize the company’s profit generation and corporate values.
HR is in charge of efficiently managing and operating human resources. It mainly includes recruitment and placement of newcomers, management of organizational structure and jobs, evaluation, compensation and promotion of employees, etc.
General Affairs
In charge of jobs to ensure that employees work in a pleasant atmosphere. It mainly includes managing the assets and facilities of the company, managing protocols and events, and operating various welfare benefits.