Job Introduction

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This is an introduction to the many jobs inside Mando where the potential of individuals can be freely developed and exhibited.
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Purchasing refers to a job which obtains the resources needed for product production from the outside. In the past, it simply meant procurement, but recently a global purchasing strategy was introduced so that parts are purchased together globally, which is optimized for the product production of Mando. It also performs mutual growth activities for which Mando and its partners can grow together.

Detailed Job Introduction

Purchasing Plan
Purchasing Plan is in charge of forming mid- to long-term global purchasing strategies and establishing purchasing plans to carry out the strategies, and improving the purchasing plan system. It also performs quality improvement and evaluation, and quality stabilization activities for its suppliers so that globally uniform quality can be obtained.
Parts Purchasing
Parts Purchasing is in charge of discovering suppliers with the best quality and supply abilities for all parts needed for product production and purchasing the related parts. It also provides purchasing support for overseas plants.
Integrated Purchasing
Integrated Purchasing is in charge of buying the raw materials needed for producing parts together globally and supplying them to domestic and overseas plants. In addition, it is in charge or purchasing numerous facilities, FTA, etc.
Parts Development
Parts Development is in charge of managing suppliers so that parts can be developed smoothly depending on the schedule of new car development, and improving the quality of the products.