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Management Mando named among the outstanding group for ‘2020 UN SDGBI’
2020-10-30 Hit 504

 Mando was named as one of the outstanding companies for ‘2020 UN SDGBI’,
released by UN SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Group
in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

UN SDGBI (the Sustainable Development Goals Business Index) is
a sustainable development goals-based corporate sustainability analysis index for global corporation.
Companies that fulfilled UN’s 17 goals for sustainable management the most are chosen for the list.
The analysis looks into around 3,000 global companies based on 48 index,
12 index each for society, environment, economy and policy. 

Companies are divided into 4 groups based on the rankings;
excellent group, superior group, outstanding group,
and pathfinder group. In the automotive industry, 4 companies, including Mando,
have made to the list. (Hyundai Mobis, Kia Motors, Hankook Tire) 
Mando appears to have received high praise
for the continuous efforts to align our technology
to the future megatrends such as electric vehicles. 
On top of securing the technology for electric vehicles,
Mando also strives to develop a robot platform based on the autonomous driving technology,
launch the app for FCEV charging station,
and carry out a project to reduce the fine-dust from non-exhaust system in transportation field
for environmental values.
All the companies in the outstanding group will receive an ESG certification
which will connect them to greater opportunities in many areas
such as benefits in ESG financials. 

Mando once again emphasized the importance of continuing the sustainable business operation
as a global standard and promised to continue to make efforts across the company.