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Management Mando ranked 74th in the "Worlds Best employer" selected among major companies by Forbes.
2020-10-20 Hit 535

​According to Forbes on October 15th, Mando ranked 74th as the "world's best employer,"
while companies such as Samsung, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and LG were listed at the top.

Only one Korean company (Samsung Electronics, 76th) was selected as the top 100 last year,
but 12 companies, including Mando and Hyundai Motor, entered the top 100 this year.

In the Automotive category, only two Korean companies were selected as Top 100,
while Mando was ranked eighth as a Global Automotive company
and as the only domestic auto part supplier.

The survey consists of questions such as peer reviews of the companies concerned,
whether to recommend their employers to friends or family members,
the company image employees think, the company's economic impact and
talent development, gender equality and social responsibility.
In particular, this year's survey they were also asked to rate their satisfaction
with their employers’ Covid-19 responses.
It can be seen that the quick response to crisis overcoming
in the face of pandemic situations under the Covid-19 is an important evaluation index for
raising the brand status of global companies.

It is analyzed that Mando received high praise for its ability to respond to Covid-19.
In emergent situation called Covid-19,
an emergency situation room dedicated to responding to
Covid-19 was established to share real-time status and respond quickly.
In addition, Mando has proactively prepared and implemented response strategies that
put top priority on the health and safety of executives and employees,
including a quarantine system, telecommuting, working from home and flexible work system,
and definitely it was possible thanks to the active participation
and implementation of executives and employees to overcome the crisis.

After the announcement of Forbes' "World's Best Employees"
list, many OEM sent congratulatory messages.
We expect the result of survey will contribute to raising Mando's brand value.