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Management Halla Group Hopes We Will Soon Return to Ordinary Daily Life
2020-03-26 Hit 1206

Halla Group Hopes We Will Soon Return to Ordinary Daily Life
- Halla Group chairman Chung, Mong-Won has proposed

the “We Shall Overcome” campaign to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

In a bid to address the diminished level of communication between employees
owing to the increasing enforcement of remote work and social distancing as well as to
overcome the depressing atmosphere caused by COVID-19, Halla Group will conduct a campaign to
win through the COVID-19 crisis called “We Shall Overcome,” starting on the 27th March.

Halla Group chairman Chung, Mong-Won said in a message to Halla Group employees
as the CHRO, not as the chairman, “As the situation continues to be prolonged,
people might become listless or depressed. I am proposing this campaign to provide
a little help for all our Halla employees to push through these difficult times.”
He also added, “Halla Group will continuously share with our employees around the world
a variety of information, including the company's COVID-19 response status and
healing messages to help overcome this crisis.”



The purpose of the “We Shall Overcome” campaign is to satisfy employees’ questions about
the COVID-19 situation by sharing relevant information in a transparent way as well as
to console and aid employees with messages of healing. The campaign will be shared to
all Halla employees in magazine form twice a week through Halla News.

The content of the campaign will comprise: ▲moving and warm stories about COVID-19 containment efforts
at each global business site, ▲positive messages meant to console and heal employees,
▲exchanges of messages of encouragement between employees, and s
on each global business site's COVID-19 situation and response status.

The following is the message from chairman Chung, Mong-Won to all Halla employees, shown in its entirety.