HR Policy

Fostering Global Talents
To practice the belief that the top priority of corporate value is human resources, Mando is devoting itself to fostering talents based on the trust of individual employees. We invite you to be part of Mando’s future as our partner.

Welfare Benefits

Flexible Working Hours
Work hard while working and get enough rest while resting! Mando actively supports its employees to practice a work-life balance where maximum work productivity is done with concentration during working hours, while they enjoy their hobbies, work on self-development, etc. during other times.
Financial Support for Life Stability
A long-term loan is provided to support housing for employees. Additional financial support available for emergency expenses include salary advance, medical emergency or education loan
Temporary Disablement Leave
This is a special type of leave benefit provided to all employees with 50% paid leave during the period of their inability to attend the work/duty on account of serious accident while in employment
Health Insurance
The company provides mediclaim Insurance to all employees which covers several illnesses to keep employees financially secure in medical crisis. This benefit is extended to all employees and their immediate dependents (Spouse & 2 Kids)..
Day Care Facility
MSI provides day care facility within the workplace so that the problems of dual income households with infants and childcare issues of employees are solved.
Referral Program
MSI provides an additional monetary benefit for employees for referring buddies/ex-colleagues for open positions in the organization Employee referral program helps in identifying and attracting suitable and competent talent in order to meet MSI human resource requirements at an optimum cost
Support for Extra Working Hour
Company provides additional benefits of meal and transportation facility for employees who work beyond working hours to support and value their extra efforts for the organization.
Other Welfare Benefits
Company provides additional benefits for employees such as transportation/travel, onsite opportunity, foreign language support, various reward and recognition program. Also, Company encourages their employee by organizing various engagement activities such as cultural, sports etc.