HR Policy

Fostering Global Talents
To practice the belief that the top priority of corporate value is human resources, Mando is devoting itself to fostering talents based on the trust of individual employees. We invite you to be part of Mando’s future as our partner.


Goal-oriented performance management to create high performance
The Company expects all employees to perform their job duties in a safe and productive manner. Each employee’s manager will use an ongoing performance evaluation to accomplish the following objectives.

Employees will understand what job duties they are expected to perform and the performance standards they are expected to meet.

Employees will be aware of whether they are meeting or exceeding the performance standards and will have an opportunity for open communication and interaction with their supervisor/manager about their job performance.

Support for developing competencies for mutual growth of the company and employees
The annual competency level assessment is carried out in order to reinforce the individual strengths and supplement insufficient competencies. This includes common competencies, job competencies, and leadership competencies, followed by continuous observations and feedback.
Employee Survey evaluation
Participating in the employee survey offers you the chance to actively have an impact on your working environment and enables you to have an effect on where to change things for the better.
The survey will contain questions focusing on nine areas:  Vision & Values, Tasks and work itself, Working conditions, Organization of working time, Communication/Information/Involvement, Working together, My direct supervisor, Compensation & Benefits and General.

Promotion Structure

Mando has a promotion structure where talents who continuously make excellent achievements and are qualified with performing roles of a higher rank are provided with equal growth opportunities.

The Company follows, as far as possible, a policy of promotion from within and seeks to select the best qualified individual to fill positions. To be considered for promotion, employees must have demonstrated sustained acceptable performance on the present job.

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