Integrity Management System

Integrity is Halla Group's founding spirit and core value. Mando puts greater emphasis on the realization of public values,
with all management and employees implementing integrity management. To that end, internal audit activities are being carried out
regularly from irregularities and misconduct to overall management including status of compliance with management policies
and instructions, and the status of non-performing loans and risk management.

Jeong-do Management Philosophy (思想)

A company must compete fairly and fulfill its social responsibilities and obligations based on transparent and
proper decision-making in line with principles and basics.
  • 1

    “Jeong-do” means not doing something
    that you would not be proud of doing.

  • 2

    “Transparency” means sharing
    the same information by providing
    accurate information.

  • 3

    Anyone can make mistakes, but you
    must not go on to betray the principle
    of transparency.

  • 4

    We must lay down standards that we
    must abide by while continuing to examine
    them in order to build a culture that follows
    these principles as well as the basics.

The Four Principles of Jeong-do Management

  • Transparent

    Eradication of
    wrongdoing and

  • Risk Prevention

    Prevention of risks
    and bolstering risk
    management training


    Advancing the level
    of management


    Voluntary compliance
    with the related laws

Cyber Audit Office

Mando is receiving reports of violations of Code of Ethics and Ethics Guideline such as unfair trade practices by Mando employees and external stakeholders
through the operation of Cyber Audit Office. Anonymity is guaranteed and any form of disadvantage or
discrimination are strictly prohibited to ensure that the informant of unfair conduct is not subjected to any disadvantages.
Also, Mando is making efforts to improve unfair trade by operating a cyber-reporting channel on our online website so different stakeholders
in addition to Mando's management and employees are able to report unfair trade practices.

Reporting Process

  • Filing

  • How to
    Check the
    Results of
    Your Report

  • Start of the

  • Completion
    of the

  • Termination
    of the

  • Checking
    of the Result

Informant Protection System

Confidentiality Obligation
Accordingly, all employees in the Jeong-do Management Office must sign an NDA.
Obligation to Prohibit
No one will be subject to disadvantageous treatment, such as unfair personal, administrative,
and/or economic actions, on the basis of reporting wrongful practices.
Reduction of
The responsibility of voluntary informants may be reduced in consideration of the degree of misconduct,
everyday attitude at work, and expression of specific moral regret of his/her actions.
We guarantee strict confidentiality of informants who have shown regret and
have earned the opportunity to start anew by making voluntary reports.