Human Rights Evaluation

Mando has established a group-wide human rights evaluation process and plans to carry out evaluation activities
at each business site starting from 2021. The Halla Group is planning out specific activities to improve, guarantee, and
expand adherence to human rights values based on the results of evaluation.

Management of Major Human Rights Issues by Each Stakeholder


Major Human Rights Issues
  • Anti-corruption issues
  • Child labor and forced labor
  • Infringement of
    employees’ human rights
  • Safety issues at business sites
Human Rights Evaluation Method
  • Identification of issues based on
    regular evaluation results
    and establishment of response measures
  • Operation of an employee ombudsman
    channel and counseling system
  • Risk management and
    inspection of business sites


  • Labor rights and safety issues
    concerning partners’ employees
  • Evaluation of partners’
    performance on ESG factors


  • Leakage of customers’
    personal information
  • Process for protection
    of customer information

Human Rights Evaluation Process

Risk assessment

  • Development of evaluation

    • Implementation of the human
      rights charter and international
      initiative principle
    • Development of indicators for eval
      -uation of human rights risks, such
      as the working environment
  • Selection of evaluation targets

    • Selection of target organizations to
      apply the human rights charter
    • Provision of evaluation indicators
      and guidelines to targets
  • Document inspection

    • Implementation of self-diagnosis
      by each target organization
    • Establishment of self-improvemen
      -t plans for areas where inadequa
      -cies were found
  • On-site due diligence

    • Conduct of interviews and on-site
      inspections to verify internal regu
      -lations, systems, and risks
    • Implementation of interviews and
      on-site inspections for verification
  • Request for Improvement plan

    • Immediate improvement and estab
      -lishment of improvement plans
      for ‘high risks’ and ‘non conformiti
      -es’ found during due diligence
    • Improvement and establishment of
      improvement plan

Risk improvement

  • Identification and consultation
    of improvement plans

    • Establishment of specific impro
      -vement tasks to handle risks
      identified through human rights
      risk evaluation
  • Monitoring of execution

    • Execution of identified improv
      -ement plans, monitoring of ex
      -ecution results, and corrective
      actions (when necessary)

Disclosure of status and results

  • Report to the decision maker

    • Report on important risks, improve
      -ment plans, and implications ident
      -ified through human rights impact
      assessment to the human rights
      management council and managem
      -ent meeting
  • External disclosure

    • Disclosure of evaluation results, hu
      -man rights violations, and informa
      -tion on risk improvement and miti
      -gation through the website or sust
      -ainability report