Human Rights Management Principles of Mando

Mando Corporation (hereinafter “Mando”) contributes to the welfare of both customers and humanity by creating products and services with human resources and technologies utilized in an ethical manner, under the vision of making a safer, greener, and easier tomorrow. Based on such belief, Mando respects the rights of all stakeholders to pursue human dignity, value, and happiness, and seeks to achieve shared growth with customers, employees, shareholders, investors, partners, and communities. To proactively implement socially responsible activities, Mando has joined the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact), a global sustainability management initiative, in April 2021, and declared support for the 10 principles in 4 areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. This Human Rights Declaration serves as the values guiding Mando to prosper with stakeholders and pursue sustainable development based on its respect for human rights.

Mando continuously strives to abide by the national and regional labor laws as well as customer requirements, and complies with all nationally ratified labor principles recommended by the UDHR, UNGPs, and ILO. Mando conducts human rights due diligence to implement these principles. The purpose of human rights due diligence is to identify, prevent, mitigate the negative impacts of business activities on human rights, and refers to a series of procedures: (i) assessing the actual and potential impacts of business activities on human rights, (ii) reflecting such assessment results in business activities, and (iii) continuously monitoring and disclosing whether the results of such assessment are gaining performance. In addition to the human rights due diligence, Mando also prepares grievance mechanisms and remedial procedures to minimize the adverse effects on human rights which have already occurred.

The stakeholders subject to this Human Rights Declaration include members of Mando and all parties that has business transactions with Mando. In accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, when this Human Rights Declaration contradicts with the nation’s local laws and regulations, Mando will conform to the more rigorous standards, and when the nation’s local laws and regulations contradict with the international human rights standards, Mando will pursue to respect the international human rights standards that are internationally acknowledged and at the same time, respect the nation’s local laws and regulations. This Human Rights Declaration will be regularly reviewed for the need for revision, and can be amended to reflect the nation’s local laws and regulations and/or the characteristics of the industry.

Respect for
Human Rights

Mando respects all stakeholders as human beings and actively endeavors to prevent inhumane treatment, both mentally and physically. If inhumane acts such as sexual harassment, abuse, physical punishment, and verbal abuse are found, Mando takes strict measures according to its disciplinary regulations.


Mando respects diversity and prohibits discrimination against employees based on gender, age, race, skin color, nationality, hometown, disability, religion, and political orientation, in HR (Human Resources) processes such as recruitment, wages, and promotions.

Prohibition of
Forced Labor and
Child Labor

Mando does not forcibly recruit or maintain laborers in ways that restrict mental or physical freedom, by means such as assault, threat, confinement, fee, cost, slavery, and human trafficking. Mando does not require to handover of ID cards, passports, or work permits issued by the government as a labor condition. Mando abides by the minimum employment age levels of each nation and region where the business site is located.

Compliance with the labor laws and the right to the freedom of association and collective bargaining

Mando abides by regulations regarding regular and overtime work hours, holidays, and wages defined in the national and regional labor laws. Mando also provides sufficient communication opportunities to all employees. Mando guarantees the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining in accordance with the labor laws of each country or region, and provides sufficient communication opportunities for all employees.

Health and Safety

Mando abides by health and safety standards required by the national or regional laws, conducts regular trainings and education based on applicable legal requirements, and systematically manages facilities to provide a safe and clean working environment to all employees.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Mando expects and supports all of its subsidiaries and partners to practice ‘human rights management’ by operating in accordance with this Human Rights Declaration, as well as in compliance with all applicable laws of the regions in which they operate. Furthermore, Mando shall endeavor to ensure that the supply chain risk management policy is continuously implemented in order to prevent social responsibility issues of its suppliers from becoming a risk factor across the supply chain. In addition, Mando pursues win-win relationships with partners to reinforce their competitiveness by actively participating in the activities to minimize adverse impacts on human rights and the environment that can occur during mineral mining processes in high-risk areas (conflict areas).

Protection of Stakeholders’ Information

Mando pays close oversight over its products and services so that they do not hinder the life, health, and safety of its stakeholders, and takes reasonable measures to secure the personal information of customers collected during its business activities.

Guarantee of Environmental Rights

Mando establishes and maintains an environmental management system to adhere to the principle of preventive approach to environmental issues. Mando establishes an emergency action plan to prevent serious environmental destructions and disasters, and discloses information related to the environment.

Human Rights of Community

As a member of the community, Mando recognizes its social responsibility of regional development, and thus, actively participates in social contribution activities. Mando also protects the freedom of residence and ensures that the human rights of residents are not violated by its business operations.

Mando seeks to implement ethical business processes to prevent violation of human rights which may arise from its business operations, and in this regard, Mando is operating a cyber-reporting center which may be participated by all stakeholders. If you have experienced or witnessed violation of human rights, please report through the following channel. (

Mando shall actively implement respect for human rights, and continue to improve its human rights policies based on the core values of “Integrity”, “Frontier”, “Work Together”.