Win-Win Management

Mando builds and maintains relationships that can grow together under the belief that
the competencies of partner companies become Mando's competitiveness.

The 3 Themes of
Win-Win Management

Mando strives to build a sustainable business ecosystem with partners based on the principles of fairness,
openness, and win-win. Mando abides by the ‘Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act’ and pursues mutually sustainable
growth by providing support on three themes (creating a fair trading culture, establishing relationships based on trust,
reinforcing the competitiveness of partners).

Establishment of
Fair Trade Culture

Mando improved the overall technical data request system to protect technologies and technical data of partners
more faithfully in accordance with the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act. In addition, Mando signed a compliance
agreement with local and global partners to comply with hazardous substances to minimize the environmental impact
by using products that comply with the Act on Resource Circulation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Vehicles
(including the End of Life Vehicle Directive of the EU).
Mando revised internal regulations according to the amendment of the ‘Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act’ and
conducted training and inspection activities on partners.

Building a Relationship
of Trust

Partners’ Day, held at the beginning of every year, is an occasion to share Mando’s major policies and vision with partners
and reward outstanding partners, thereby strengthening partnerships. On Partners’ Day, the top management of Mando
including CEO and representatives of each partner companies participated. Mando will continue to form new cooperative
relationships with partners in order to secure competitiveness and create a virtuous circle of profitability.
In addition, By visiting partners or hosting video conferences, Mando engages in ‘Amity Activity(親親)’
to promote mutual growth activities and listen to difficulties experienced at manufacturing sites.

Reinforcement of
Partner Company

Mando offers a portion of intellectual property rights to partners free of cost in order to help reinforcing their technological
competitiveness. Also, Mando assists partners in maintaining and improving quality system certifications by operating
the Supplier Assessment Team, an exclusive division in charge of quality system duties for partners.
Mando conducts a detailed training on the requirements needed for obtaining quality system certification,
covering areas such as evaluation criteria.
Besides, Mando offers low-interest loans to partners that are in need of funds for overseas expansion or facility investment.
Mando’s financial support method can be divided into three categories: direct support, mutual cooperation fund, and
guarantee fund. Mando conducts hands-on empowerment training for the employees of partner companies to reinforce
their market competitiveness.