Responsible Supply Chain Management

Mando recognizes performance and risk management within the supply chain as a significant factor in ensuring sustainability of the organization.
Accordingly, Mando is promoting a fair and transparent trading environment and, preparing technology and quality-based reinforcement of
suppliers' competitiveness
as the core of the organization's purchasing policy according to its' Integrity Management. Furthermore, Mando is
implementing policies and activities for business partners to manage supply chain risk which could affect corporate management.

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

    Mando is preventing possible risks in the supply chain in advance through systematic management.
    Since the supply chain comprises of different domestic and foreign partners, global supply chain management trends, laws, and
    sustainable management guidelines are being regularly identified and applied.

  • Responsible Mineral Management

    Mando is doing its best to prevent various minerals used in Mando's supply chain from causing social problems such as infringement of
    human rights, environmental destruction, and inflow of funds from conflicting groups during the mining stage.
    In particular, Mando's scope of management is expanding beyond 3TG (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold), well-known disputed minerals,
    to responsible minerals that manage more minerals. Mando is requesting its partner companies for Conflict Minerals Reporting Template,
    carrying out different activities such as requesting use of only certified refineries.

Partner Company Selection·Evaluation·Improvement Process

The procedure for registration of new partners is classified into two separate registration processes: for a potential company and
for a tradable company. In the process for potential companies, Mando evaluates partners’ financial elements by assessing credit rating, sales,
length of operation, certification, and NSQ(New Supplier Questionnaire).
Partners that have completed potential company registration then undergo evaluations on their production process and management conditions.
When selecting new suppliers, Mando evaluates both financial factors including quality and credit ratings as well as non-financial factors such as
environment and safety, to build a long-term win-win relationship with partners. Programs related to anti-corruption and ethics, ISO 14001 and
ISO 45001 certifications, number of persons in charge of environment and safety, and training programs are included in the selection criteria.
To reinforce the environment and safety system of the supply chain, Mando’s existing partners also operate an evaluation
system for strengthening environment and safety system of the supply chain by conducting evaluations on quality, timely delivery,
quality system, environment and safety, proposing improvement requirements to suppliers, managing improvement measures,
and including terms of supply safety in contracts.