Circulation of Resources

Environmental damages from wastes and greenhouse gas emissions in the treatment process are increasing globally.
In response, Mando makes efforts to manage raw materials systematically and build a system for resource cycling through waste minimization.

Hazardous Chemical

Mando strictly manages raw materials used in each process according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Chemicals Control Act.
The company periodically identifies and posts information on new chemicals and abides by the legal quantity and regulations when using hazardous
substances. In addition, the company devotes efforts to minimize the environmental impact of the production process
by changing hazardous chemicals into unregulated substances.
Mando regularly records and manages information related to the manufacturing, importation, use, transportation, and storage of chemicals
or materials that contain chemicals. For hazardous chemicals management, the company engages in comprehensive management activities,
such as self-inspection of facilities handling chemicals, training of persons in charge, preparation and furnishing of MSDS1),
and operation of a response process against leaks of hazardous chemicals. Such efforts help to prevent environmental accidents and pollutions
by reinforcing safety control.

MMDS(Mando Material Data System)

As the global chemical substance regulation and importance to the environment are strengthened,
Mando is effectively managing the substance information contained in its products through the Mando Material Data System (MMDS).


When designing products, Mando actively promotes methods that reduce wastes in the manufacturing process,
such as the development of environment-friendly materials considering resource efficiency. In addition, Mando regularly inspects the amount of
waste generated and recycled at each worksite, sharing the information company-wide for facilitating the recycling of resources.
The recycling rate of general waste is being increased to reduce the amount of incineration waste.

Water Resources

Mando strives to protect water resources by managing the water quality environment of wastewater and performing activities for water use
reduction. Each worksite manages the quantity of water intake and reuses by classifying items for water management.
Further, the company safely treats effluent water through water treatment facilities, applying stricter criteria than the legal standards
when discharging water with internal treatment facilities.
Mando furnishes operation manuals and essential items for inspection at each worksite so that all sites abide by the work standards and
prevent water pollution. Highly concentrated wastewater is treated by evaporating and concentrating lawfully. The company discharges
wastewater into the public wastewater disposal plant after primary treatment in the internal wastewater treatment facility
while implementing periodic analyses of wastewater quality to manage water quality above the legally permitted level.