Mando’s Code of Conduct

Mando is committed to fulfilling its ethical responsibilities to become more trustworthyand sustainable company
on the basis of trust and cooperation of our stakeholders. To this end, Mando establishes this document Code of Conduct as the standard outlining professional standards expected of all company workers and representatives in all management activities.

This Code of Conduct is established based on the Global Automotive Sustainability Practice Guidance of ‘Drive Sustainability’,
and we referred to the 10 principles of the ‘UN Global Compact’, the Code of Conduct of the ‘OECD Guideline’, and ‘the Responsible Business Alliance’.

Scope of Application

This Code of Conduct applies to all affiliates, including domestic and foreign production corporations,
sales corporations, subsidiaries, and joint ventures, in Mando. Mando's employees must act in accordance with this Code
of Conduct in all transactions with suppliers. Furthermore, all employees should encourage all stakeholders
in our business relationship to respect this Code of Conduct.

All employees subject to this Code of Conduct must comply with the laws and regulations of the local nation and,
at the same time, perform their duties in accordance with this Code of Conduct. If the actions recommended
in this Code of Conduct conflict with local laws or if employees are facing difficulties in judging inappropriate behavior,
employees should contact legal team and seek for consultation.

Working Conditions
and Human Rights

Mando makes continuous efforts to abide by national and regional labor law as well as customer requirements and
to accord with all labor principles ratified by the nations and recommended Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR),
the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), and International Labor Organization (ILO).

Business Ethics

Mando complies with the basics and principles, shares ‘Halla’s Integrity’ core value to fulfill social responsibility
based on transparent and appropriate decisions, and strives to spread the right code of conduct to the company.


Mando complies with environmental laws and international standards and recognizes that environmental issues are
essential management requirements. Mando strives to reduce the impact on the environment in all business lifecycle
through eco-friendly technology development and active preventive measures.

Supply Chain

Mando strives to build a sustainable supply chain by minimizing supply chain risks at all stages of the supply chain,
including quality, delivery, technology, safety, and environment, and in the mutual growth relationship with the suppliers.


Mando operates systematic management system to comply with applicable laws, regulations, customer requirements,
and this code of conduct related to corporate operations and products in pursuit of sustainable business management.