UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Mando supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations,
has achieved various outcomes to create shared value for the prosperity and
development of the international society
, and will carry out activities more proactively.


To build a sustainable business ecosystem,
Mando pursues mutually sustainable growth
through support based on the three themes of
mutual growth: ‘establishing a fair trade culture’,
‘building a trust relationship’ and ‘strengthening
the competitiveness of our business partners’.


We operate an audit system to prevent corruption,
and cases of unfair business practices or violations
of the Code of Ethics can be reported through
the On-line Report Center on the ethical
management website.


Mando is leading the development of new future
automotive technology and has achieved
the advancement of automotive parts
by strengthening quality and service through
active R&D investments.
We have been participating in R&D projects
under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade,
Industry and Energy since April 2019 to reduce
fine dust generated by brake wear.


Green Umbrella Children’s foundation, and
have donated to local communities through
the ‘Walk Together’ program for the last 6 years.
We provide career education for teenagers
who are in the blind spot of educational system
by participating in the ‘Seed School’ initiative,
a youth career education program operated
by the Korea Education Volunteer Corps.


We design recyclable products and develop
eco-friendly materials to minimize waste
generation during the manufacturing process,
and promote activities to reduce generation of
waste in the workplace.
We established company-wide greenhouse gas
reduction goals and strategies, and have been
re-designated as a green company that contributes
to environmental improvement through energy
saving and greenhouse gas reduction activities.
UN Global Compact
By joining the UN Global Compact (UNGC) initiative in April 2021, Mando activated company-wide
sustainable management and promised to actively implement the Ten Principles of the UNGC.
To this end, Mando will establish internal policies and action plans and actively implement them
to take the lead in realizing a sustainable society.
(Korean Pollution-Free
Mando joined as a member to participate in the government-sponsored K-EV100, a declaration
to convert vehicles owned or leased by companies to electric and hydrogen cars. Mando plans
to convert all owned or leased cars until 2030 and install charging stations for each plant.
(Carbon Disclosure Project)
Mando has been participating in CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) from 2021 to disclose greenhouse
gas emissions, risks and opportunities due to climate change, and carbon management strategies.
Through CDP, Mando is identifying its impact on the environment, and plan and pursue operations
to become a sustainable company.
(Task force on
Climate-related Financial
In 2021, Mando declared support for the TCFD, a global initiative to respond to climate changes.
Climate change risks and opportunities are integrated into corporate management
in terms of governance, strategy, and risk management, and various activities are
being carried out for this purpose.
* More details can be found in the 'Mando Sustainability Report'.Click here