Sustainability Management System

Mando has established three strategic focus areas
for sustainable management activities.

Climate Action 친환경 활동, Clean Technology 친환경 기술 개발 , Responsible SCM 책임있는 공급망 관리

Sustainability Management Office

The Sustainable Management Office carries out discussions on establishment of sustainable management, current status of projects, achievements, and improvement areas. Furthermore, the Office reports update on company's sustainability management status to the Board of Directors and Sustainability Management Committee. Through monthly cadence with the Sustainability Working Group, the Office monitors practical implementation plans and performance of sustainability management activities by 6 major supporting groups.

Core Sustainability Areas and Values

  • Governance·Ethics

    Building a transparent governance system
    and securing diversity of the Board of Directors
  • Technology Innovation

    Developing a ‘clean tech’ product portfolio
    through technology innovations
  • Environment

    Actively addressing climate change
    with green energy, recyclable raw materials,
    and green processes
  • Human Rights· Labor·Safety

    Eradicating infringements into human rights
    through the declaration of human rights and
    internalization of associated policies
  • Social Contribution

    Promoting social activities to safeguard
    social and community values
  • Supply Chain Management

    Managing the environmental, ethics,
    and safety agenda of business partners
    in a responsible manner and disclosing
    the results of supply chain due diligence