Safety and Environmental Management

Safety and Environmental Policy

With safety and environmental management that pursues “respect for humans” and “improved quality of life,” Mando enables its employees
to work at a healthy workplace and does its best to conserve the Earth.

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Environmental safety and health management policy

All employees of Mando Corporation are committed to creating a management climate where “respect for humans” is the top priority and providing a safe and pleasant working environment in order to become the No. 1 safe and healthy company with the best value put on conserving the environment of the Earth and improving the “quality of life” of future generations.
1.Realize a safe and healthy environment as the basis of management and promote the establishment of voluntary safe and healthy environment activities.
2.Consider a safe and healthy environment first at all levels such as designing, producing or discarding products.
3.Comply with all safe and healthy environmental regulations and international treaties, and set and continuously operate Mando’s own high-level standards.
4.Practice appropriate investment and continuous improvement to prevent potential disasters within work areas.
5.Lead the advancement of safe and healthy environment management by strengthening and declaring guidance, support and cooperation with local communities and partners.

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