Integrity Management System

Integrity management and transparent management is the Halla Group’s
founding spirit and core values.

비전, 정도경영, 한라정신
A beloved company
A sound and strong global company
Ethics of
Not doing things you’re not supposed
to Everybody sharing accurate information
Halla Spirit
Enterprising efforts / creative improvement
Everybody develops and advances with one mind
A company giving love and being loved in confidence
An eco-friendly company, a socially responsible company, a transparent and ethical company
A company throughout which warmth is felt by the harmonious relations between the union and the company, and smooth horizontal and vertical communications
A company with good relationships with everybody around us
Sound and strong global company
A company which shareholders want to invest in, achieved through financial stability and continuous growth
A company which goes beyond satisfaction and gives happiness to its customers with the best quality products and services
A company which fosters an excellent workforce based on the idealistic talents Halla pursues, and is a place where its employees always want to work, with high morale and pride
A company that exhibits an influence in each field with its outstanding workforce and technology
고객중심, 사랑중심, 기술중심