Social Contributions Introduction

A company that makes the world brighter and more beautiful
Mando not only produces comfortable and safe automotive parts, but also creates precious values to make the world warm and beautiful.
We make a happy world for everybody by practicing sharing
사랑받는 기업 책임을 다하는 기업, 체계적이고 지속적인 사회공헌 활동, 사회와 함께하며 성장하는 만도

Mando carries forward social contribution activities by sharing affection with society and neighbors with an open mind, thinking that Mando exists side-by-side with them. A portion of Mando’s profits are returned to the local community through various volunteer activities and donations every year, with which Mando is earnestly performing its duty and responsibility as a socially responsible company. Also, it is fulfilling its values as a beloved company and a trusted company through various social contribution activities ranging from volunteer work which shares love with its neighbors and sisterhood relations where help can be given to the local economy and local residents to environmental conservation to protect our valuable nature.

A beloved company,
a responsible company
만도 직원들이 지역 주민을 위해 마을 길 청소를 하고 있는 모습
Mando is forging desirable companionship with the local community by supporting cultural and social welfare events for local residents, along with events for disabled people. In addition, it practices eco-friendly management through compliance with the low carbon green management agreement, energy conservation campaign, etc. and makes an effort to protect the environment of the local community.
Systematic and continuous
social contribution activities
만도 아이스하키 팀이 경기 중 상대방 골문 앞에서 골 찬스를 노리고 있는 모습
Mando tries to systematically and continuously carry out social contributions by operating a volunteer corps. Mando continuously sponsors social businesses such as managing a sports foundation, establishing a university and forming sisterhood relations with the local community, organizations and individual persons, and is expanding the target of sponsorships.
Mando, growing together
with society
만도 임직원들이 교통사고 피해자와 함께 휠체어를 전달하고 기념사진 찍는 모습
Mando is making an effort to support minority groups, such as victims of traffic accidents, and socially disadvantaged groups. Mando provides direct support in the form of donations, scholarships, and environment improvement activities for social welfare facilities, as well as positively encouraging and showing consideration for the volunteer work of its employees so that more such activities can be performed.