Quality Management

Quality stability is a corporate philosophy that Mando focuses on with sincerity.
Mando recognizes that a single safety issue can affect the survival the company.
In order to prevent quality issues and readily respond to safety regulations, Mando established a new quality philosophy focusing on securing
quality stability.
Mando will continue to create a safer world by providing the best quality solutions for the safety and convenience of customers.

Quality Test for Customer Safety

Mando implements a quality test on all in-house developed products to ensure that products are operated safely under various conditions and environments.
Test and evaluation laboratories located in Korea, China, India, New Zealand, U.S., and Sweden conduct research tasks such as performance tests and
durability tests under extreme conditions, contributing to the creation of quality products that satisfy customers.
  • Environment test

    Performance inspection on each
    part under extreme conditions
    like high temperature, low
    temperature, and corrosion
  • Vibration test

    Durability inspection on vibrations
    by applying a shock with various
    frequencies to products
  • Noise test

    Measurement and analysis of
    noise in an anechoic room where
    sound is not reflected
  • Radar test

    Performance inspection at each
    distance by controlling the radars’
    electric signal transmission
    and reception times
  • ABS·ESC test

    Ceramic road test track that
    has slippery conditions
    like icy roads
  • FCA test

    Forward Collision Avoidance test
    that enables automatic braking
    by detecting objects ahead
  • LKAS test

    Lane Keeping Assistance System
    test to support steering in straight
    and curved sections
  • HDA test

    Highway Driving Assistance test
    where test driving is performed
    on actual roads

Partner Company Quality Management

It is essential to secure quality control and supply stabilization throughout the supply chain to ensure complete product quality.
Mando secures quality stability throughout its value chain by controlling the quality of not only the in-house production process but also the quality of parts
supplied by suppliers as well. Through SQA, Mando conducts preventive quality and system stabilization activities to stabilize the quality and supply,
and to prevent defects for mass production parts to enhance independent quality management capability of suppliers.
The final management target is selected by evaluating the number of non-conformities reported, independent quality management goals, and
internal inspection items for Mando’s primary Tier-1 suppliers on a half-year basis.
Mando performs monitoring in each quarter based on the evaluation results. Partners with insufficient evaluation results are guided to implement
improvement activities through a meeting body, and Mando strives to improve the quality management level for all partners.