MMS (Mando Mobility Solutions), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mando,
Through advancement of autonomous driving technology and expansion of 
new businesses, Will strive to gain expertise within the fields of autonomous 
driving and mobility.
With overseas investment, acquisition of cutting-edge technology, 
and execution of active global marketing, Mando will not only realize the growth 
potential of autonomous driving and mobility businesses,
But also provide highest safety to customers and become 
‘A Mobility Freedom Creator’ that creates freedom in mobility!

Autonomous Driving

das 시스템 앞뒤 범위 모습을 나태내는 이미지
Driver Assistance System DAS technology, turning the dream car into reality
We dream of a car that ensures passenger safety in every dangerous situation, a more comfortable and convenient car, and one that has convenient high-tech functions, such as reading people’s minds. Mando’s DAS technology provides advanced technology such as increasing the ease of parking by sensing a parking space and performing steering and parking assistance and relieving the burden of driving with accident prevention technologies that prevent straying from lanes and collisions. Mando’s technology is continually advancing to realize autonomous driving and zero-accident smart automobiles.


“System Integration of 13 Features by Sensor, Software & Actuator”

Front Camera:LDW / LKA / HBA / DAA ,FCW / AEB (Sensor Fusion) 77GHz Front Radar:Navigation-linked ACC Stop&Go HDA (Highway Driving Assist),MGH-80 ESC , R-EPS,Ultrasonic Sensors (12) + SPAS ECU : Parallel & Perpendicular Parking Assist, BSD / LCA / RCTA, 24GHz BSD Radars (2): ACC-Adaptive Cruise Control ,AEB-Autonomous Emergency Braking, BSD-Blind Spot Detection,FCW-Forward Collision Warning, HBA-High Beam Assist, LDW-Lane Departure Warning,LKA-Lane Keeping Assist,DAA-Driver Attention Assist,LCA-Lane Change Assist,RCTA-Rear Cross Traffic Assist,SPAS-Smart Parking Assist System,HDA-Highway Driving Assist
Highway Driving Assist System
Highway Driving Assist System
A safety/convenience system that autonomously integrates and performs the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Smart Cruise Control (SCC) by recognizing the distance from the vehicle in front and the car lane while driving on a highway.

System Diagram

Mono Camera, Navigation, R-EPS, ESC (MGH-80),77GHz Radar
Front Radar
(Maintain Car Distance)
자동차가 앞차와의 차간 거리 유지를 나타내는 그림
Front Camera
(Maintain Car Lane)
자동차가 현재 달리고 있는 차선을 유지하는 그림
(Recognize Highway)
네비게이션이 고속도로에서 운전자가 목적지까지 갈 수 있게 효율적으로 판단해서 길을 안내해주는 그림
Autonomous Emergency Braking
Autonomous Emergency Braking
A safety system that prevents collisions or reduces accident severity by autonomously
stopping the vehicle when the driver has not done anything or has pressed the brake
late when collision danger with an obstacle (vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.) in front of
the moving vehicle has been detected by front radar and a front camera.

System Diagram

AEB Solution Camera only senspr Fusion Radar only 에서 Braking request Esc 에게 보내고 ESC에서 EMS로 Engine torque request 보냅니다. HMI는 AEB Solution으로 Driver input 보내고 AEB Solution으로 부터 System status 받습니다.
Smart Cruise Contro
Smart Cruise Contro
A driver-friendly system that senses a vehicle in front with front radar installed on the
vehicle and autonomously accelerates or decelerates the vehicle. When there is no vehicle
in front, the vehicle maintains the speed set by the driver, and if a vehicle appears in front,
it autonomously accelerates or decelerates to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

System Diagram

Smart Cruise Control Sensor Fusion,Radar only 에서 Braking request ESC 에게 보내고 ESC에서 EMS로 Engine torque request 보냅니다. HMI는 Smart Cruise Control으로 Driver input 보내고 Smart Cruise Control으로 부터 System status 받습니다.
Blind Spot Detection
Blind Spot Detection
A driver-friendly system that senses an approaching vehicle with corner radar and displays
a warning on the side mirror when the driver turns on the indicator without seeing the
approaching vehicle in the rear blind spot.

System Diagram

HMI Input 과 Master는 Hardwire 로 연결되어있습니다. Master 와 Slave는 Private CAN 서로 공유합니다. Master는 Vehicle CAN 을 통하여 HMI Output으로 연결되어집니다. Vehicle Information는 Vehicle CAN 을 통하게 됩니다.
Lane Keeping Assist System
Lane Keeping Assist System
A driver-friendly system that helps the vehicle to stay in the lane by recognizing the car lane
using a front camera installed on the vehicle and automatically controlling the steering wheel.

System Diagram

Lane Keeping Assist System은 Wiper에게 Wiper Status 받습니다. ESC, PCU 에게는 Vehicle Dynamics Info. 받습니다. LRR-20(option) 에게는 Sensor Fusion 을 서로 공유합니다. EPS 는 Lane Keeping Assist System 에게 EPS Status 주고 Steering Torque Request을 받습니다. Switches는 Driver Request 을 Cluster 보냅니다. Cluster는 Lane Keeping Assist System에게 HMIStatus을 보내고 System Status 받습니다. 네비게이션은 Navi. info을 보내고 Lane Keeping Assist System에게 Camera info 받습니다.
Smart Parking Assist System
Smart Parking Assist System
A driver assistance system that increases the ease of parking by automatically steering
after ultrasonic sensors installed on the front, side, and rear of the vehicle sense an empty
space for parking.

System Diagram

SPAS ECU는 CAN을 통하여 ESC와 EPS 서로 연결합니다. SPAS ECU는 LIN 통하여 Front USS, Front Side USS, Rear Side USS, Rear USS을 제어합니다.

Product certificate

Automotive Rader LRR-25
  • No : 1177-200026
No : 1177-200026 인증서
Automotive Rader MRR-30
  • No : 1177-200112
No : 1177-200112 인증서
Automotive Rader LRR-20
  • No : 162473331/AA/00
No : 162473331/AA/00 인증서
Automotive Rader MRR-20
  • No : 1177-200088
No : 1177-200088 인증서
Automotive Rader LRR-10
  • No. E817101B-CC
No. E817101B-CC 인증서