Steering System

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Steering System Mando Steering Systems, Installed in the World’s
Most Prestigious Vehicles
Mando has succeeded in independently developing C-EPS steering systems for the
first time in Korea and the fourth in the world in 2009, and is highly recognized for
its technology and quality. The EPS product, which is an integration of high technology
such as mechanics, electrics and electronics, is currently exported worldwide by Mando,
the leader of future technology responsible for customers’ safety and convenience.


Intermediate shaft C-EPS R-EPS
Steering Gear System
Steering Gear System
A system that slows the rotation of the steering wheel and at the same time changes the motion direction and transmits it to a link mechanism.
  • 1Ball & Nut type
  • 2Rack & Pinion type
Steering Column
Steering Column
A shaft that transmits the operation force of the steering wheel to the steering gear. The upper part of the steering shaft is coupled with the steering wheel while the lower part is coupled to the steering gear.
Intermediate Shaft
Intermediate Shaft
A middle shaft connected to the steering gear box that performs to reduce noise and vibration, improve assembly, absorb collision energy, etc.
1. Colum-type EPS 2. Dual Pinion EPS 3. Rack-type EPS
Electric Power Steering
A system that provides appropriate steering conditions for all vehicle speeds and steering states by changing the oil pressure conditions for steering force depending on the vehicle speed so that easy steering is possible, and it performs various additional functions such as autonomous parking.
  • 1Colum-type EPS
  • 2Dual Pinion EPS
  • 3Rack-type EPS