Job Introduction

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This is an introduction to the many jobs inside Mando where the potential of individuals can be freely developed and exhibited.
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Quality refers to testing and improving products so that products with the best qualities can be produced by passing through quality gates at various stages ranging from the product design stage to the mass production stage together with research centers, purchasing, production, partners, etc. To do so, efforts are made in establishing a quality management system and providing training on quality and quality innovative activities to obtain customer satisfaction on quality.

Detailed Job Introduction

Quality Planning
Quality Planning is in charge of establishing global quality strategies and activities such as constructing and operating a global quality management system to achieve the strategies. It also responds to external quality certification examinations and performs quality problem prevention activities and quality improvement activities by educating employees throughout the company on quality.
Quality Management
Quality Management is in charge of activities such as analysis and improvement of various quality problems that occur in relation to the company’s products at domestic and overseas automotive companies, preventive inspections for quality problems that can occur during the manufacturing process, and quality improvement.
Quality Guarantee
Quality Guarantee is in charge of preventing quality problems beforehand by securing quality in advance for each product and region, and responding to and solving quality problems when they occur. It also carries out stabilization activities to obtain uniform quality globally.
New Car Quality Management
New Car Quality Management is in charge of securing quality for new cars and new products through various tests at the new car development stage, and improving quality by cooperation with related divisions such as the research center, purchasing and production.