Job Introduction

Talents creating new values, the powers leading Mando
This is an introduction to the many jobs inside Mando where the potential of individuals can be freely developed and exhibited.
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The production division, centering on the development of a production system that can manage production facilities, manufacturing methods, etc. to supply the best quality products to customers when they need them, acts to establish production plans, manufacturing, inventory management, etc. using the system. Mando is devoting itself to securing manufacturing competitiveness with the efficient management of materials, personnel, facilities, etc., and is doing its best to achieve global expansion of the Halla Product System (HPS).

Detailed Job Introduction

Production Technology
In charge of developing new technology and new methods related to producing each product, and improving processes, extending or altering facilities, etc. to overcome elements that hinder productivity. In particular, it is working hard for the global expansion of HPS.
Production Management
In charge of establishing, mass producing and managing operation plans for facilities, personnel, materials, etc. needed for production activities. It also carries out production line management with the establishment of production plans, quality management support, etc.
Production Support
Production Support is in charge of manufacturing and managing various fixtures so that production facilities can operate appropriately, and reducing and improving facility failures through activities such as parts management so that equipment is maintained in an optimum state, along with preventive maintenance activities.