Job Introduction

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This is an introduction to the many jobs inside Mando where the potential of individuals can be freely developed and exhibited
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Research and Development (R&D)

Advanced development, design, test evaluation, etc. are performed for products manufactured by Mando. We are making an effort to secure the best automotive parts development techniques to become a global Top 30 automotive parts manufacturer and are devoted to developing intelligent, eco-friendly automotive parts, which are the future core parts of automobiles.

Detailed Job Introduction

Advanced Development
Advanced Development is in charge of developing
next-generation products and intelligent, eco-friendly automotive parts, which will be required for future automobiles.
In charge of developing braking, steering, suspension and DAS products and related parts, and chassis module products in which everything is integrated.
Test Evaluation
Tests and evaluation of advanced technology products and braking, steering, suspension, and DAS products are performed at vehicle test tracks (in Pyeongtaek and Hwaseong) and division headquarters (in Pyeongtaek, Wonju, and Iksan).
Research Planning
Technology development strategies are developed and carried out after analyzing the technology integration of the automobile industry, and the position is in charge of patent analysis, patent registration and management, establishment of business plans related to R&D, R&D personnel management, etc.