Fostering Global Talents
To practice the belief that the top priority of corporate value is human resources, Mando is devoting itself to fostering talents based on the
trust of individual employees. We invite you to be part of Mando’s future as our partner.


Goal-oriented performance management to create high performance
Management by objectives (MBO) is carried out where employees set their individual work goals and manage the work performance process for the successful achievement of their goals based on an understanding of the company’s vision, short- and long-term strategy and business plan of the year.
Support for developing competencies for mutual growth of the company and employees
Mando performs a biennial assessment of competence levels to enhance the strengths of individual employees and compensate for a lack of competence. This includes common competencies, job competencies, and leadership competencies, followed by observations and feedback.
Multifaceted diagnosis to build the right leadership
In order to improve the leadership of team leaders and above, Mando’s senior executives, colleagues, and team members conduct multifaceted assessments of the competencies required for business management and organizational management. The diagnosis results are provided individually as feedback and interlinked with leadership development education to support to help us achieve the right leadership we are aiming for.