Images of Talented Employees

Talented employees are the top priority in corporate value
Competent talents with creative passion to take on future challenges, high morality, a global sensibility and professionalism! This is Mando’s image of valuable, talented employees who will lead the future of Mando.

Mando Images of Talented Employees

정도와 원칙

01Talented employees with integrity who adheres to principles
Talented employees of Mando always comply
with the fundamentals and principles.
They always pursue the right way in disclosing
the work process or results without any


02 Talented employees who take on challenges with passion
The talented employees of Mando pursue
innovation endlessly with a positive mind.
We promptly put creative thoughts into practice,
so the new attempts can bear accomplishments.

협력과 조화

03 Talented employees who
pursue cooperation and harmony
The talented employees of Mando communicate with and
understand each other with open minds and hearts.
They always respect and are considerate of others,
thinking that they are where they are at present because
of help from the people around them.

글로벌 리더

04 Talented employees aiming
to be future global leaders
Talented employees of Mando make efforts to
become leading global experts in their respective
They consistently study and concentrate on
self-development to supplement areas for