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Trophy Room(Awards) Mando is Awarded the National Brand Award 2020, Winning the Prize in Automobile Parts Category for 10 Conecutive Years.
2021-04-02 Hit 2320

Mando had the honor of winning the Grand Prize in automobile parts category for 10 consecutive years by being awarded the National Brand Award 2020.
Mando researches and develops core parts that serves as the basis for automobile safety.

Mando develops core parts recognizing the driving conditions instead of the driver, stopping the automobile safety or making it avoid the obstacles.

Mando's technologies consider the safety of the passengers and the pedestrians as its priority as well as that of the driver, testing the functions and safety of its products in conditions harsher than actual driving conditions.

Mando hopes to lead future mobility through its core technologies as a company responding to market demands and changes and striving for daring innovations such as autonomous driving, EV and AI.