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Management Fully-Fledged Promotion of Next ERP, the Core Platform in Digital Conversion
2021-03-23 Hit 2447

The reporting session for Next ERP Implementation Kick-off to convert the current ERP system to a core platform for digital conversion was held.

The Next ERP PJT plans to standardize and design the processes of all fields of business and domestic and foreign subsidiaries from this March to September for a global simultaneously launching of SAP-based Next ERP in January 2023.
Mando diagnosed all relevant fields from global processes, information systems and infrastructures through Next ERP Master Plan Consulting, deducting 36 strategic projects and 95 detailed projects through analysis of leading companies and competitors.

Next ERP PJT comprising of 20 experts from each field was launched in January, starting the fully-fledged Next ERP implementation process with Samsung SDS and Deloitte Consulting.