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Management The Number of Users Using H2Care, Mandos First Mobility Service App Exceeds 10,000
2021-03-22 Hit 2398

The number of users using H2Care, Mando's first mobility service app exceeded 10,000 at the end of February 2021.
Even without aggressive promotion or advertisement, new members have been joining from hydrogen car communities, with relatively high user satisfaction even at the nascent stage of servicing.
Especially, the H2Care app is acknowledged as a service aggressively solving the issues experienced by users such as lack of charging stations and frequent failure at charging stations.

The H2Care app has become a must-have app for many hydrogen EV owners with subscription rate of 90% of 11,557 hydrogen vehicles registered in Korea.
The H2Care app was developed based on Mando Mobility Service Platform(MMSP) built by WG campus, and hydrogen car users and managers from 53 hydrogen charging stations are able to participate in sharing the condition at each charging station and information on operations.

The Service Platform Team at WG Campus is not only developing existing functions including expansion of [AI-Based Automatic Counting of Automobile in Queue], expansion of [Automobile Information API Linkage] through cooperation with Hyundai Developers and [H2Care Personalized Services] through pattern analysis of hydrogen car usage but is developing new services such as [Charging Station Reservation System] newly applied at Yangjae Hydrogen Charging Station at Seoul.