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Trophy Room(Awards) Mando is Awarded the Innovation Award at CES 2021, the Worlds Largest Electronics Exhibition
2021-01-05 Hit 1915

Mando won the Innovation Award in Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation (VIT) at CES 2021.
This is an outstanding achievement with Mando's debut at CES.

15 other companies including Google, IBM< Bosch and Continental were given the same award.
The values presented to its customers (car makers and consumers) by
Mando's Steer-by-Wire (SbW) system are freedom and safety.
The challenge faced in automobile design during the last 12 decades had been the separation
of the car body(the space for driving the car) and chassis(the working part of the automobile).
Especially, EVs with some freedom in design required separation of the wheels(chassis) and
the steering wheel due to efficiency in mass production and freedom of system control but lacked the technology
to replace mechanical connection.

As a purely electronic product, signal (by wire) replaced mechanical movement in SbW.
This allows freedom of automobile design.
SbW could be positioned freely according to the purpose of the automobile,
and even auto-stow (where the part is taken out when heeded) design is enabled.
The use of indoor space is maximized without a steering wheel.

The driver becomes a passenger in a fully autonomous vehicle, and the space is converted into living space.
The driver's seat could be turned around 180 degrees to face other passengers in the car.
The autonomous driver's life is made more abundant with reading, games, and movies.
The core parts of SbW are designed with dual safety (redundancy) method.
Even with the failure of some parts, the whole system will function normally.
The failure information is recorded automatically for future analysis.
Redundancy is a technology absolutely needed for the development of future cars including
autonomous driving and remote control.
Mando's technology striving for freedom and safety was acknowledged globally once again
with the CES Innovation Award.
SbW will start mass production for the first time from next year.