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Management Publication of ‘2019 Mando Sustainability Report’
2020-06-19 Hit 333

Mando recently published its 2nd Sustainability Report
in order to share its sustainable management activities
and achievements for 2019 with various stakeholders.
The report details the performance of Mando’s activities in the key management performance criteria of sustainable management: ‘Economic value’, ‘Environmental value’, and ‘Social value.’

This year’s Sustainability Report mainly focuses on
Mando’s activities implemented to realize its vision for sustainable management.
It also introduces key future technologies
that are currently under development for the actualization of such vision.
Moreover, the report not only presents Mando’s major products by vision keywords
but also delivers live voices from the field captured through the interviews of internal and external stakeholders.

“As a channel for constant communication with various interested parties,
we plan to issue the sustainability Report every year, on a regular basis.
We ask for your continued interest!” said the manager of the Sustainability Report.

Published in both Korean and English,
the ‘2019 Mando Sustainability Report’ can be viewed and downloaded
from and ‘With Mando’ website.