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MANDO人 [ Cities of Mando] Suzhou, building new bridges for China’s industries of tomorrow.
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Suzhou, a hotbed of activity to Mando, is known as the city of water and gardens. The Chinese have an old saying, “Suzhou is heaven on earth.” With its beautiful architecture, stunning natural environment, and the Grand Canal built during the Sui Dynasty, Suzhou indeed lives up to its moniker. The floating houses along the channels in the city, and the tranquil natural landscapes of Suzhou bring in millions of tourists every year.

(1) One of the four most famous gardens in China, the Humble Administrator's Garden

Originally built during the 16th century, the Humble Administrator’s Garden (the largest garden in Suzhou) has been perfectly preserved throughout history. In summer, visitors can enjoy the elegant lotus flowers on the lake and visit the Suzhou Museum (adjacent to the Garden) for free to see a wide range of historical artifacts discovered in Suzhou.

(2) Let’s go and see the Tiger Hill Pagoda at Tiger Hill Park

Tiger Hill Park is home to the tomb of King Helu (of the Wu Kingdom). According to legend, a white tiger appeared at the Park when King Helu was brought to his resting place, which is why the Park is also known as “Tiger Hill.” Tiger Hill Park also features the “Thousand People Rock” (a rock that turned red when 1,000 workers were sacrificed for the burial), the Sword Rock (a rock King Helu cut in half to test a beautiful sword), and the Tiger Hill Pagoda (also known as the “oriental leaning tower of Pisa”).

Mando spreads its wings in Suzhou
Mando Suzhou was the very first company Mando opened when it set foot in the Chinese market. With an impressive production plant stretching across 91,000㎡, Mando Suzhou produces key automobile components for braking and steering modules (e.g. ABS, EPS). Let’s take a closer look at Mando’s activities in Suzhou, China.

Mando Suzhou, Mando’s beachhead into the Chinese market

Mando Suzhou passed the ISO14001:2015 (environmental management) supervision and audit certification process carried out by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) in January 2019. This latest certification validated Mando Suzhou as a company with outstanding environmental management capacities and the competitiveness to compete in the Chinese market. Moreover, in March, Mando Suzhou began its mass production of C5 KMS as part of the company’s first collaborative project with Ford. To date, our company has received great feedback from Ford without any reported instances of defects or failures. Mando Suzhou has all the testing equipment and facilities it needs at its production plant, which means it can carry out product performance tests in-house. Products developed and manufactured under stringent quality control measures are supplied to clients such as Beijing Hyundai, Kia (all vehicle models), Shanghai GM, Changan Automobile, and Geely Auto. The extensive list of clients proves that Mando is establishing a reputation as a producer of high-quality, reliable products, and that the company is becoming a more trusted supplier in the Chinese market.

Mando Suzhou Chassis System Co., Ltd. growing together with the city of Suzhou

Suzhou developed into a large city during the Ming Dynasty of China. Today, the city is famous for the Lingering Garden and the Humble Administrator's Garden - two of the four best gardens in China. To take advantage of Suzhou’s illustrious history and importance as a metropolis, Mando Suzhou employs more than 700 outstanding employees from the local Suzhou area and is doing its best to stimulate Suzhou’s economy. Not only that, it has been a consistent partner for the community. Mando Suzhou has launched several social corporate responsibility initiatives (e.g. volunteer work at retirement homes, donations to elementary schools and low-income families, etc.) to build a symbiotic relationship with the city of Suzhou. In other words, Mando Suzhou is investing in Suzhou to raise its competitiveness within the Chinese market, and boost Suzhou’s local economy.