Board of Directors (As of September, 2020)

Current Constitution of Board of Directors

이사회 구성 현황 표
Director Name Position & Rank Date of Appointment Date of Dismissal
Mong-Won Chung CEO, Mando Corp. 2020.03 2023.03
Kwang-Heon Kim Head of Mando Korea ER Center 2020.03 2023.03
Han-Cheol Kim Advisor, Lee&Ko law firm 2020.03 2023.03
Kyung-Soo Kim Lawyer, Yulchon LLC law firm 2020.03 2023.03
In-Hyung Lee VP, Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI) 2020.03 2023.03
Ki-Chan Park Former VP, SJL Partners 2020.03 2023.03

Composition of Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Director

Inside Directors
  • MW Chung(CEO) MW Chung
  • 탁일환 COO(대표이사) KH Kim
    (Head of
    Korea ER Center)
Outside Directors
  • 김영수 이사 HC Kim
  • 이종휘 이사 KS Kim
  • 김대식 이사 IH Lee
  • 김대식 이사 KC Park
Audit Committee
  • HC Kim
  • KS Kim
  • IH Lee
Outside Director
Nomination Committee
  • 탁일환 COO(대표이사) HC Kim
  • 김영수 이사 KS Kim
Transparent Management
  • 김대식 이사 KS Kim
  • IH Lee
  • KC Park