Corporate Governance Structure

As of September, 2021

Halla Holdings


  • 100%HL Klemove
  • 50%Mando Brose
  • 100%Mando China
    • 100%Mando Suzhou
    • 100%Mando Beijing
    • 100%Mando Tianjin
    • 65%Mando Ningbo
    • 100%Mando Beijing R&D
    • 100%Mando Beijing Trad
    • 100%Mando Chongquing
  • 100%Mando America
  • 100%Mando Brazil
  • 100%Mando Mexico
  • 71%Mando India
  • 100%Mando Softtech
Europe & Others
  • 100%Mando Poland
  • 100%Mando Europe
  • 50%Maysan Mando
  • 30%Autoventure Mando

Halla Stackpole70%

Halla16.0% (35.5% w/ CPS)

Differences from Corporate Governance Criteria

Recommendation in the Criteria Adoption Remark
Introducing the corporate governance charter X To be introduced
Introducing the code of ethics for employees O
Introduction of the cumulative voting system X
Establishment of the board of directors O 2 internal directors, 4 external directors
Disclosure of the board's activities, attenance rate, and pros and cons of major agendas O
Establishment of external director nomication committee O 1 internal director, 2 external directors
Establishment of the audit committee O 3 external directors
Establishment of the compensation committee X Directors' pay limits shall be an agenda for the shareholders' meeting
Disclosure of the composition and role of commitees within the BOD and activities O
Introduction and disclosure of operating regulations of the board of directors and committees O
Insurance of directors' liability for damage at company expense O
Maintaining the independence of external auditors O
Disclosure on the corporate governance evaluation grade O Website
Explanation of differences from corporate governance criteria O Website
Certification of accuracy and completeness of financial reports by the CEO and financial officer O