CEO Chung Mong-won

한라는 프런티어 정신과 정도경영을 바탕으로 좋은 기업의 모습을 가꿔왔다고 자부합니다. 그리고 앞으로도 지금까지처럼 외부 환경에 흔들리지 않고 꿋꿋하게 제 갈 길을 가겠습니다.

The management environment of companies is indeed ever-changing in modern society. There are good times, but there are more bad times. Of course, growing steadily while enduring the bad times is the standard model of a good company everybody expects.

Adjusting to the rapid changes in the external environment is not easy, but what is even more difficult is that the speed of change is accelerating. It will be ideal to respond quickly to every single change in line with the speed of change, but this is not easy. Thus, it is more important to have constant potential. A firm attitude and perseverance unshaken by tolerable changes are core elements of sustainable corporations.

Halla prides itself on having shaped a positive corporate image based on its frontier spirit and integrity. And it will firmly go its way, unaffected by the external environment, as it has done until now. We will greatly contribute to social development through our ceaseless efforts and not be content with the present, thereby becoming a sincere company loved by the nation.

Thank you.

  CEO and Chairman Chung Mong-won
정몽원 사인

CEO Chung Mong-won’s Profile

August 4, 1955
1974Graduated from Seoul High School
1979Graduated from Korea University, majoring in Business Administration
1982Graduated from University of Southern California (USC),
Work Experience
1978Joined Halla Shipping (employee)
1983General Manager of Mando Machinery
1985Senior Executive Director of Mando Machinery
1986CEO and President of Halla Climate Control
1989CEO and President of Mando Machinery
1991CEO and President of Halla Engineering and Construction
1992Vice Chairman of Halla Group
1997Chairman of Halla Group
2001CEO and Chairman of Halla Engineering and Construction
2008CEO and Chairman of Mando Corporation