Corporate Culture

정도경영-INTEGRITY:정정당당하게 일하는 활기찬 조직 프런티어-FRONTIER:도전하고 혁신하는 전문가 조직 합력-WORK TOGETER: 신뢰와 배려로 밝게 소통하는 조직

Main Activities

Mando pursues a corporate culture where employees work fair and square, enjoy challenges and innovation, and are considerate of others and communicate effectively based on its core values, which are: Integrity, Frontier and Work Together

Challenge and

Global R&D Tech Congress·학술대회에서 만도 직원이 임원단 앞에서 발표하고 있는 모습
Global R&D Tech Congress: Symposium
Strengthening of R&D capabilities by presenting excellent papers, sharing and rewarding research results, and forming a creative and challenging research culture
만도 직원들이 인문학 특강 강의를 듣고 있는 모습
Special Lectures on Humanities
Inviting prominent figures for the humanities lecture program to cultivate a wide range of knowledge besides capabilities in the professional field
해외에 파견한 만도직원이 현지인과 사진찍은 모습
Fostering of Regional Professionals
A global talent fostering program where outstanding personnel are dispatched overseas to foster them as local professionals and contribute to pioneering new markets
주식회사 만도직원이 학술연구 강의를 듣고 있는 모습
Academic Research
Discovering and fostering talents for the future by providing opportunities for self-improvement
(domestic and foreign master’s or doctorate degrees, MBAs) to employees

Trust amongst

만도 직원이 타 부문 임원과 금요일 런치타임 식사권을 들고 있는 사진
Friday Lunch Time with Executives
A communication program where the experience and leadership of an executive from a different department is learned by having lunch together and where
inter-organization understanding is improved
각 부서의 다른 팀들끼리 만나서 식사하기 전 기념사진 촬영하는 모습
Shoulder-to-shoulder Lunch with Teams
A Work Together practice program where two teams have lunch together to get to know each other
감사합니다 우체통에 감사합니다 내용이 적힌 티켓을 넣는 모습
Thank You Day
A Work Together practice program where co-workers convey their gratitude by encouraging and complimenting one another


만도 직원의 아이들이 snet 영어 마을 체험 후 단체 사진 찍는 모습
Mando Family Child Culture Class
A program where the children of employees can experience various cultures and studies
주부아카데미에서 만도 임직원의 배우자들이 프로그램을 통해 환하게 웃고 있는 모습
Mando Family Day (Spouse Academy)
A culture program that reminds employees of the importance of community, the meaning of family and value of happiness by inviting their spouses
만도 직원의 아이들이 부모님과 함께 사생대회에 참여하는 모습
Drawing Contest and Field Day
Programs to form a sense of unity and intimacy among employees and their family members by doing various activities