Color Standard

The logo mark used in various media, such as printouts, sign systems and promotional objects, plays an important role in conveying the corporate image, and thus should be produced with the prescribed colors for unity.




 Cyan 100% Magenta 80% Cyan65% Magenta 10% Cyan 75% Magenta 40%

Main and Sub-colors

The color of the Mando logo used in various media, such as printouts, promotional objects and signs, plays an important element in conveying an image, and thus accurate color, brightness, chroma, etc. should be used and managed.

Pantone colors should be used, in principle, but colors other than Pantone colors can be used in unavoidable situations provided that it follows the printing color rule based on the percentages of the four colors. When making signs, the color standard for signs should be complied with. Refer to the color sample in the manual for an accurate color. The color scheme of Mando has flexibility in communication, and sub-colors should be used as a way to support the main color.

Main Color

Blye( Word Mark) 80% 60% 40% 20% 10% PANTONE 286C / Cyan 100% + Magenta 80%

Sub Color

Light Blue PANTONE 2915 C Cyan 65% Magenta 10% Blue Violet PANTONE 279 C Cyan 75% Magenta 40% Gray PANTONE Cool Gray 10 C Black 60% Silver PANTONE 877 C Gold PANTONE 873 C

Color Alternation

Logo mark color should be used carefully as it is important factor in conveying corporate image.

All of the color alternations of the logo mark shown below are possible to use, and any queries on the usage of them must be asked to the Identity department.

Basic Color

Mando 주식회사 만도도 워드마크 : 4원색적용 /  로고타입 : PANTONE Cool Gray 10C Black 60%

When Prime Blue is Applied

Mando 주식회사 만도 Mando 주식회사 만도 PANTONE 286 C 1도 별색 적용

When Applied in Black and White Medium

Mando 주식회사 만도 Mando 주식회사 만도

When Applied in High-class Medium

Mando 주식회사 만도 Mando 주식회사 만도 Silver : PANTONE 877C / Gold : PANTONE 873C

Background Color

The background color of the logo mark is an important element in maximizing the visual effect, and thus it should be used with great care.

The color scheme of the background of the logo mark should maintain visual clarity at all times. The rectangles shown below are only to show examples of the color scheme, and no geometrical shapes should be used as part of the logo mark.

  • Mando 주|만도 White Background
  • Mando 주|만도 Blue Background
  • Mando 주|만도 Light Blue Background
  • Mando 주|만도 Black Background
  • Mando 주|만도 Silver Background
  • Mando 주|만도 Gold Background

Usage Prohibition Rule

Meticulous care should be taken in the use of the colors of the logo mark since they are important elements in conveying the corporate image.

The unique image is damaged if a color is changed arbitrarily, and so the colors should be used according to the rules. All of the color alternations shown below are prohibited, and any queries on use must be directed to the department managing the CI.

Prohibition Rules: Form

  • Mando 주|만도 Any distortion of the signature is randomly modified.
  • Mando 주|만도 Any distortion of the signature is randomly modified.
  • Mando 주|만도 If the signature is filled with free space
  • Mando 주|만도 If you set the border to highlight the signature
  • Mando 주|만도 Signature for special effects
  • Mando 주|만도 Signature for special effects
  • Mando Corp. When applying a motif to the logo type
  • Mando (주)만도 If the logo type is randomly deformed.
  • Mando 주|만도 If the motif of the motif is incorrect

Prohibition Rules Colors, Background

  • Mando 주|만도 Color based colour utilization is incorrect
  • Mando 주|만도 If the color of the signature is randomly modified
  • Mando 주|만도 In case the signature of a signature is difficult to obtain

Logo Mark: Space Rule

The logo mark stands out well against the background when spaced out with other design elements. Thus, no graphic elements should intrude in the prescribed space.

The department in charge of CI should be contacted if there are any queries related to the use of the logo mark.